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This is Our Virtual Surf Shack!

Shacks come and shacks go. We started in garages and we return to garages. Our old shack site was sold, (died) in 2007. We moved in with BJ (see below) in west Houston and after a nearly 5 year run that deal turned into a junk yard, including a the mean old junk yard dog etc. We moved back into a my peaceful garage in fall 2011 where the shaping room has always been (what ever house I had). Check out some recently made boards.

Shaping Room  Shaping Room              Ready for fiberglass  Shaped Board

of Doc   "The Condor" - Doc   The first board I shaped and glassed when I was about 12 did not float for more than 10 minutes. The mess I made doing it in my dad's garage was legendary. Let's not count it, shall we? I watched more and started to learn from the da-kine guys in the late 60's and really made boards people would buy starting around 1970. A typical years production now ranges from 6' thrusters and fish to guns to 10' ultra light nose riders with everything else you can imagine.

 Glassing Room Standards by our standards

Photo of Brett  "Brettatola" or "Brettzilla" - Sales and marketing QA/QC, - Brett - First started building boards in 1972. Has 40 plus years of Mexico's pacific waves as a testing ground. Fondly called "The Brettatola" for his unwavering, fundamentalist standards of surfboard construction.

 Shaping Room Mowing foam.

of David   Our former polisher and painter - David. A great touch with the paint gun and some of the best clear coats around.

of Bryson  "B.J." - - Williamson and Co. - Makes his own Williamson and Co line of fine custom surfboards.

My friend Gary.  Gloss Coat

of Gary  The late "Picasso" - Gary K. - We sprinkled his ashes outside the break at the Surfside jetty in '98. Seems like yesterday...

 Surf Gang The
Surfgangchills in Mexico              

We're not interested in buying "classic" boards. Life is short. Ride 'em till they die! ... just don't bring 'em here. Get a new ride!

Rev 5.2: By the Doc.